Monday, 19 August 2013


It is said that only courts of law can find the truth in any legal matter. So it has happened for two Kasese district councilors who have been in court for one year over charges of inciting violence.
Mr. Elly Magwara representing Kyabarungira and Mr. Abdul Saad of Maliba sub-county are now free men after the Kasese Chief Magistrate court dismissed an inciting violence case against them.
Chief Magistrate Ms. Agatonica Mbabazi set free the two FDC politicians after prosecution continuously failed to produce witnesses to pin them on charges they allegedly committed on July 5, 2012.
Kasese Resident District commissioner Mr. Milton Odongo was one of the key witnesses in the case. He has never testified.
“The Resident State Attorney told court that the RDC was formerly served on august 15, 2013. He did not come. Case dismissed under section 119(1) of Magistrates Court Act. Both accused are discharged and I order refund of their bail deposits”. Ms. Mbabazi ruled.
Prosecution alleged that on July 5, 2012 while in the office of the leader of opposition at the district headquarters, the duo printed a letter and addressed it to the RDC with intend to attack the Basongora. This was after the Basongora had crowned their own King who was vehemently opposed by the Bakonzo under the Rwenzururu Kingdom.
This is the third time the same court dismisses the case on similar grounds-the first time being in August and December last year but charges were being reinstated by the state.


Wise men say that “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. But this is not yet a reality for Kasese district local government after failing to kick start the scholarship fund that was to prove hope for brilliant needy students.
During a committee meeting for the works and social services committee on Monday, the secretary for social services was accused of failing to coordinate the technical staff in the education department to start the scholarship fund that was approved by council last year.
Committee chairman Mr. Richard Bomera said the reason behind the establishment of a scholarship fund that was aimed at offering bursaries to science students whose families fail to raise university fees.
Ms. Pelucy Kabagenyi was accused of failing to implement her role as secretary for social services because she is meant to be the chair of the district scholarship committee. She told the committee that a scholarship committee is yet to be in place only to be challenged by the District Education Officer Mr. George Mayinja who told councilors that she had not funded the interim one.
The scholarship committee is supposed to identify sources of money or fundraise from the corporate companies operating in the district.
Another source of the money is levying of a contribution of shs 10000 from every civil servant applying for a bank loan – a move which is on. Councilors wondered where they money is being taken since the fund is not in place.
The councilors have recommended that council takes over the whole responsibility of forming and approving the scholarship committee.