Monday, 3 November 2014


Statement by

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
President of the Republic of Uganda

The visit of His Holiness the Pope to Uganda in 2015

1st November, 2014

Why do the newspapers and, I imagine, the radios and Televisions (TVs) in Uganda like to be inaccurate, mendacious and speculative in their reporting?  Why do you not insist on proven facts before you air or you put in print any news item?  In respect of the possible visit to Uganda by His Holiness the Pope in 2015 in order to celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs in 1964, the following are the facts:

On the 26th of August, 2014, I wrote a letter to His Holiness the Pope inviting him to visit Uganda in 2015 for the reasons stated above.  There had also been some earlier communications about the same issue that I would not like to go into here.

On the recent occasion when I visited His Holiness, my first point was to reiterate my invitation for him to visit Uganda in 2015 for the purpose stated above. 
I also brought up other points that I would not like to go into here as well, because our meeting was private and not a public rally. 

On the point of visiting Uganda, he answered that he is going to Africa next year and may include Uganda in the visit.

However, the final itinerary had not been made.  As  I was leaving, he said, with his characteristic humility, that I should pray for him so that he is able to visit Uganda.  I said that, not only would I pray for him, but that, I would ask all Ugandans to pray for him and for the visit.

Later on, when I met Cardinal Paralin, the Secretary of State, he reflected, in his remarks, that two Popes have visited Uganda (in 1969 and 1993) before but that Uganda is the land of the martyrs.

Therefore, five things are clear:

Number one, I have, on behalf of Uganda, invited His Holiness Pope Francis to visit Uganda so as to celebrate with us the 50th canonization of the Uganda Martyrs in 1964.

Secondly, I was informed that definitely the Pope will visit Africa next year because he has already visited some other parts of the world (Asia, the Middle East, Albania, etc., etc.) but not Africa yet. 

Thirdly, that, however, the detailed programme of his African visit is not yet made or concluded.

Fourthly, that Uganda may be included and His Holiness asked me to pray for him so that he visits Uganda.  I am going to start praying about it and I ask all of you to pray for His Holiness to visit Uganda.

Fifthly, I pointed out to the Secretary of State that although two previous Popes have visited Uganda before, Uganda is unique by being the land of the African Martyrs and also, apparently, the point of the greatest concentration of saints; moreover, these martyrs are not regarded as mere Ugandan.  As you normally witness on the 3rd of June, Martyrs Day, Africans come from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DR, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cameroon, etc. etc.  The martyrs are, therefore, not merely Ugandan; they are African and International.

Therefore, dear inaccurate press of Uganda, those are the facts on the subject of His Holiness’s possible visit to Uganda next year 2015.

Yoweri K. Museveni (Gen. rtd)

Saturday, 1 November 2014


The Minister of State for International Affairs, Mr. Okello Oryem and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Kung Suk Ung, have signed an agreement on cooperation between the Governments of Uganda and North Korea.
The ceremony took place today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Offices in Kampala.
The two Governments agreed that they shall develop friendly relations based on the ideals of independence, peace and friendship and make positive efforts toward the strengthening of cooperation in foreign affairs. The agreement also stipulates that they are to inform each other of mutual concerns on a regular basis.
The Government of Uganda and that of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea agreed to exchange delegations to each other’s country to discuss matters of mutual concern and international interests. Accordingly, the two parties are to establish a Consultative Committee to coordinate the overall relations between the two countries. The agreement stipulates the two parties agreed to the meetings of the Consultative Committee be held alternately in Kampala and in Pyongyang once every two years.
In his observations, Minister Okello Oryem noted that the DPRK helped many African countries to fight for independence and added that during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, North Korea facilitated the liberation of the Southern African region. He pointed out that Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia were among the beneficiaries of that North Korean facilitation during the liberation struggle.
Mr. Okello Oryem revealed that Uganda has an outstanding army in Africa. He, therefore, thanked North Korea for its contribution towards the building of the UPDF. He extended an invitation to his North Korean counterpart to return to Uganda and visit the national parks that have a wide variety of wildlife as well as the flora and fauna. He urged him to follow up his tour by promoting Uganda’s rich tourism sector in North Korea.
In his remarks, the visiting Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, Hon. Kung Suk Ung revealed that due to financial constraints his Government has withdrawn several diplomatic Offices but added that on the side of Uganda, they have strengthened their offices. He pledged his Government’s commitment to cooperate with Uganda in the economic sector.


The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has revealed how he declined a post of Prime Minister when it was offered to him by President Yoweri Museveni a few years ago.
Mao, who was speaking during a DP’s conference for western Uganda at the Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese town on Friday, revealed that the offer came when he was Gulu District Chairperson LC 5.
The conference which has just ended today is sponsored by the International Republican Institute under USAID.
Mao was responding to comments from the party delegates from western Uganda that their supporters are crossing to the ruling National Resistance Movement.
Among those who crossed most recently is Rosemary Masika who contested on DP’s ticket in the August 2012 Kasese woman parliamentary by-elections won by FDC’s Winfred Kiiza.
Mao said that he declined the Prime Minister’s position because he knew it was going to yield nothing for him and the people of Uganda whose interests he fights for.
Mao adds that he told Museveni that basing on what the NRM government is doing, he would be forced to resign or the president dismisses him.
He says that the only way he was ready to work with Museveni was to restore peace in northern Uganda and take Internally Displaced people back to the homes.
The former Presidential candidate described President Museveni as a man who makes and unmakes leaders as he has done to long time right handyman Amama Mbabazi.
Last month, president Museveni sacked his close ally Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and replaced him with Ruhakana Rugunda.


Ugandans must stick to the biblical teachings on marriage and say no to homosexuality, a visiting American Paul Coffman has said.
Coffman who was on Sunday preaching to the congregation at Isengera Church of Christ in Maliba sub-county, Kasese district said, homosexuality is a sin that must be condemned both by the church and customary law.
He said that Uganda’s stand on the vice is welcome because it shows that the people here fear God and are prepared for the Kingdom of heaven.
The parliament of Uganda defied all threats from donor communities by passing the Anti-Homosexuality bill which prohibited the vice and set life imprisonment for whoever promotes it.
The law which was signed by President Yoweri Museveni in February was later declared null and void by the constitutional court on grounds that it was passed in parliament without quorum.
Currently, some members of parliament are planning to return in to the floor of house.
The preacher who has been in Uganda for one week, said that much as the American President Barrack Obama promotes homosexuality, not everyone there supports it.
Coffman who hails from Dellas in Texas state warns that however much strong  leaders are on earth, they will all answer before God on judgment day for the sins they have committed.
Boldly criticizing the US president, Coffman said that Obama must repent of his sins and serve the living God if he is to enter his Kingdom.
He however warned that Ugandans must not only think of fighting homosexuality but also do away with all sins so that they receive God’s blessings.  END


The problem of poor parenting in Kasese district is leading to the increased cases of Child Offenders, according to the District Probation Officer Mr. Sowed Kitanywa.
On October 4, one of the National dailies carried a story from the Fort Portal Remand home showing that the district leads the rest of the six districts in the Rwenzori sub-region with child offenders.
The statistics then showed that with 19 child inmates 12 of them on capital offense, Kasese has the highest number. Elsewhere, Kabarole has 10, Ntoroko and Kyenjojo have two each while Bundibugyo had one.

Mr. Kitanywa in an interview with this blog revealed that most of the parents whose children commit offenses have not cooperated with the local council leaders, the police and probation office.

He said the process of diversion of cases at the police has been failed by the unreliable parents. diversion of cases means the offender and the offended to mediated by the police in order to come to terms.
Another reason Mr. Kitanya advances for the highest number of child offenders is the high population of Kasese. He said that with the population projected to be close to 800000, the district must be having many children compared to other districts hence the higher number of child offenders.
At the Kasese Central Police station, the Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU) receives over 100 children related cases monthly.
The Officer in charge of CFPU Mr. Wilson Kathembo Sibuyitholwa said that most the cases at police are of child neglect. He said that such neglected children end up on the streets from where they can commit several offenses.
Mr. Sibuyitholwa said that in July alone, about 130 children cases were handled and the parties counseled before sending them back to the community.
The probation officer, Mr. Sowed Kitanywa said that with the records from police, it is shows that there is a good trucking system in which most of the offenses committed by the children are detected.
He said that in a district where the systems of law enforcement are uncoordinated, few child offenders will be arrested and prosecuted.
The Programs Coordinator for Kasese District Mediators Association which works on children rights Mr. Asuman Mwesige, called for consorted efforts in the implementation of the relevant laws that protect the children and also preventing them from committing crimes.
Mr. Mwesige said that the Children’s Act and the Kasese District Child Protection Ordinance have not been implemented at all levels adding that it is the reason most people are less concerned about the law.
The Kasese District Child Protection Ordinance was approved by the district council in early 2012 with support from Save the Children in Uganda.  But most of the issues it need to address like child labour, sale of alcohol in shops, the opening and closing time of the video  halls among others have still remain a burden in the district.