Saturday, 1 November 2014


The Minister of State for International Affairs, Mr. Okello Oryem and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Kung Suk Ung, have signed an agreement on cooperation between the Governments of Uganda and North Korea.
The ceremony took place today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Offices in Kampala.
The two Governments agreed that they shall develop friendly relations based on the ideals of independence, peace and friendship and make positive efforts toward the strengthening of cooperation in foreign affairs. The agreement also stipulates that they are to inform each other of mutual concerns on a regular basis.
The Government of Uganda and that of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea agreed to exchange delegations to each other’s country to discuss matters of mutual concern and international interests. Accordingly, the two parties are to establish a Consultative Committee to coordinate the overall relations between the two countries. The agreement stipulates the two parties agreed to the meetings of the Consultative Committee be held alternately in Kampala and in Pyongyang once every two years.
In his observations, Minister Okello Oryem noted that the DPRK helped many African countries to fight for independence and added that during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, North Korea facilitated the liberation of the Southern African region. He pointed out that Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia were among the beneficiaries of that North Korean facilitation during the liberation struggle.
Mr. Okello Oryem revealed that Uganda has an outstanding army in Africa. He, therefore, thanked North Korea for its contribution towards the building of the UPDF. He extended an invitation to his North Korean counterpart to return to Uganda and visit the national parks that have a wide variety of wildlife as well as the flora and fauna. He urged him to follow up his tour by promoting Uganda’s rich tourism sector in North Korea.
In his remarks, the visiting Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, Hon. Kung Suk Ung revealed that due to financial constraints his Government has withdrawn several diplomatic Offices but added that on the side of Uganda, they have strengthened their offices. He pledged his Government’s commitment to cooperate with Uganda in the economic sector.

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