Saturday, 1 November 2014


Ugandans must stick to the biblical teachings on marriage and say no to homosexuality, a visiting American Paul Coffman has said.
Coffman who was on Sunday preaching to the congregation at Isengera Church of Christ in Maliba sub-county, Kasese district said, homosexuality is a sin that must be condemned both by the church and customary law.
He said that Uganda’s stand on the vice is welcome because it shows that the people here fear God and are prepared for the Kingdom of heaven.
The parliament of Uganda defied all threats from donor communities by passing the Anti-Homosexuality bill which prohibited the vice and set life imprisonment for whoever promotes it.
The law which was signed by President Yoweri Museveni in February was later declared null and void by the constitutional court on grounds that it was passed in parliament without quorum.
Currently, some members of parliament are planning to return in to the floor of house.
The preacher who has been in Uganda for one week, said that much as the American President Barrack Obama promotes homosexuality, not everyone there supports it.
Coffman who hails from Dellas in Texas state warns that however much strong  leaders are on earth, they will all answer before God on judgment day for the sins they have committed.
Boldly criticizing the US president, Coffman said that Obama must repent of his sins and serve the living God if he is to enter his Kingdom.
He however warned that Ugandans must not only think of fighting homosexuality but also do away with all sins so that they receive God’s blessings.  END

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