Saturday, 28 July 2012


The Rwenzururu Kingdom has refuted as baseless the claims by government agencies that the attackers who raided Muhokya police post are members of the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association.
A group of people armed with knives and spears raided Muhokya police post, five kilometers from Kasese town, killing a police officer and injuring two others.
Police also killed three of the assailants in retaliation of the attack but others managed to escape.
This morning police arrested one of the suspects identified as Joackim Muthethu hailing from Buhunga village in Maliba sub-county.
He was also found with a police gun one of the two that were stolen during the raid on the police post.
The Kasese Resident District Commissioner Lt. Milton Odongo told journalists that intelligence reports indicate the attackers were members of the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association and opposition Forum for Democratic Change.
But on interrogation this morning Joackim Muthethu who had bullet wound of the forehead claimed he was a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement.
In a press release signed by Prime Minister Loice Biira Bwambale and the Chairperson of the Rwenzururu Veterans Developments Association Yolamu Mulima, the cultural institution condemned the criminal act describing it as inhuman.
Mulima said his association disassociates itself from the act and the people involved hence refuting allegations insinuating the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association in the Muhokya attack.
Mulima instead appealed to all registered members of the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association to be vigilant and report whoever tries to impersonate them in any way.
The Prime Minister Loice Biira Bwambale warned politicians against mingling politics with the issues of the Rwenzururu Kingdom adding that relationship with Basongora is normalizing thanks to central government interventions.
 Bwambale said that Rwenzururu Kingdom will work hand in hand with central government to track down anybody with personal interests to disrupt the prevailing peace and mutual relations with central government.

Friday, 27 July 2012


About one hundred fifty NRM supporters crossed to the Forum for democratic change party yesterday at the rallies of Hon. Winfred Kiiza-Nyabahasa held in Miti Musanju, Kithoma and Kamukumbi all in Bukonzo west constituency.
The Kasese district FDC Chairperson Mr. Saulo Matte received them and congratulated them for making what he referred to as “a wiser decision at the right time”.
Those who crossed said that they have crossed because of the empty promises of the ruling Government, giving an example of the long waited safe water to the people Miti Musanju, among other things.
Mr. Saulo Matte urged the new converts to remain calm, focused and to withstand the intimidation that may come their way from the opposite direction.
He urged all FDC supporters in the district to desist from committing offenses such that their victory is peaceful.
Hon. Winfred said that being on opposition do not mean that services will not reach their anticipated people. She observed that being on opposition can even improve service delivery in a certain area.
She encouraged the electorates never to listen to the romours that she would be removed from Parliament even if she is voted into office.
Hon. Winfred Nyabahasa asked the people of Kasese to rally behind her come 8th.August.2012 such that she can accomplish the unfinished tasks.
Meanwhile, the NRM candidate Rehema Muhindo at her Rally in Kigoro, Nyamwamba Division promised to handle maternal health and improve on the education standards in the district if elected.
The Kasese Woman parliamentary by-elections scheduled for August 8th is highly contested by Hon. Winfred Kiiza Nyabahasa (FDC) and Rehema Muhindo (NRM).


Police in Kasese are holding two supporters of the Forum for Democratic Change for allegedly defacing posters of Rehema Muhindo the NRM candidate in the woman MP parliamentary elections.
The Officer in charge of electoral crimes Aidah Akelo said that the two were arrested in Maliba sub-county and Nyamwamba Division respectively.
Akelo identified the suspects as Moses Muhindo picked from Maliba sub-county yesterday and Cicilia Kabugho a vender in Mawa Market who was arrested today.
According to Akelo, Muhindo was found defacing Rehema’s posters in Maliba where as Kabugho did the same in Mawa market.
She said both will tomorrow be produced to court and charged with related election crimes.
On interrogation, Kabugho told police she wanted to defend herself from NRM supporters who wanted to paste posters against her will.
The district general secretary for FDC Johnson Kamalha says that NRM has started intimidating Winfred Kiiza supporters by imposing posters on them and when someone insists they accuse him or her of defacing posters.
However, reports suggest that top NRM officials were chanced out of Mawa and Kasese main market as they campaigned for Rehema Muhindo.
One of the NRM campaigners Aineah Kabale said that FDC is likely to have deployed youths who shout at whoever approaches them with party colours or the candidate’s posters.
The Kasese Woman parliamentary by-elections scheduled for August 8th is highly contested by Winfred Kiiza (FDC) and Rehema Muhindo (NRM).
The Officer in charge of electoral crimes Aida Akelo has warned supporters of different candidates to desist from committing offenses because they will take sole responsibility once arrested.


Kasese district council has de-associated itself with the Busongora Heritage Kingdom that recently had their King Ivan Bwebale crowned.
The resolution was passed during a district council sitting at the Kasese Catholic Social Services in Kasese town on Tuesday.
The resolution followed a recommendation from the report by chairperson Works and Social Services Committee Richard Bomera saying council should de-associate itself with the advances of the Basongora Cultural raising.
Council convened by speaker Zephanus Mubingwa anonymously supported the recommendation which also called for the investigation of whoever stops the use of the Rwenzururu flag and anthem in areas claimed by Basongora.
On July eleventh, Rwenzururu youth-Esyamango raided the home of Bwebale in Muhokya and took off with the flag and drum.
Bwebale has since reported to police that the youths stole his money totaling to seventy seven million which was reportedly kept in the drum.
However, Lake Katwe sub-county councilor Muzamiru Bisanga who is one of the top officials of the Busongora Kingdom claimed that the district council has no mandate to associate or de-associate with any cultural institution.
The resolution was passed in his absence after he had disappeared from the session for a while.