Friday, 27 July 2012


A group of people suspected to be rebels raided Muhokya police post in Kasese district early this morning killing a policeman and injuring another.

The attackers also took off with a fire arm grabbed from the deceased police constable.

Three of the attackers were also killed by police officers in retaliation.

The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces have for a while been claiming the presence of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels regrouping from about fifty kilometers from the Ugandan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Armed with machetes and spears, the unknown men attacked the police post five kilometers from Kasese town at 6:00 am according to a special police constable Enos Lhusenge who battled with them.

Lhusenge told reporters that he was in the kitchen preparing porridge for breakfast when two men armed with spears and machetes attack the post.

According to Lhusenge, the police officers locked themselves inside the house before the attackers convinced the Officer in Charge of the post whom they injured.

OC Levy Sunday is admitted at Kilembe hospital after being injured by stubbing several times on the neck.

The dead police officer was only identified as SPC Semakula who was recently transferred in the area.

Semakula was killed about three hundred meters from the police post as he was pursuing one of the attackers.

The dead attackers wearing blue trousers and dirk jackets were not easily identified by security personnel by press time.

Some of the residents of Muhokya who rushed to the scene after gunshots said the police officer was killed after a long battle with the assailant.

They said the attacker wore a green t-shirt but he was later seen in a red shirt, holding a gun and headed in the direction of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kasese Resident District Commissioner Lt. Milton Odongo said a mobile phone and some documents have been recovered from the killed attackers.

Lt. Odongo said the men showed an act of rebellion by attacking a police post but not the community.

He refuted claims linking the attack to the recent uprising between the Bakonzo and the Basongora over the installation of Ivan Bwebale as King in Muhokya.

Police and army have deployed heavily in Muhokya in pursuit of the rest of the attackers who took away with a gun.

The Officer in Charge of Kasese Central Esau Opio said there was no preliminary information concerning which group of people should have attacked the police post.

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