Monday, 16 July 2012


Close to 1000 signatures have been collected in an attempt by concerned residents of Bundibugyo district to pass a vote of no confidence in Woman Member of parliament Harriet Ntabazi.
Ntabazi serving her first term in the house is accused of inciting violence in the district recently that involved clashes between the Bamba-Bawisi and Bakonzo.
According to Mr. Isa Victor Muhindo who is mobilizing for the signatures, the residents of Bughendera country that is mainly for the Bakonzo are not happy with Ms. Ntabazi actions by inciting the clashes in an area where she was overwhelmingly supported during the 2011 elections.
“The Bakonzo voted for her (Harriet Ntabazi) than Jane Alisemera (former MP) because she is married there but everyone is surprised she organizes the youth against the area. We want her out of parliament because we sent her there ourselves”. Mr. Muhindo said.
It is alleged that Ms Ntabazi used her capacity as Member of Parliament to invite the Bamba-Bawisi youths to a meeting at the Bundibugyo boma grounds promising to give them lunch and breakfast but when she gave them nothing, they decided to ascend to the attack the Bakonzo.
However, Ms Ntabazi refutes the allegations saying she called the meeting on the orders of President Yoweri Museveni because they were supposed to be addressed by ICT minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda who was coming to attend to them following a petition they had sent to state house.
“The issue is not that the Bamba-Bawisi were called to come and attack the Bakonzo but to meet with Dr. Rugunda who had been sent to the district by president Museveni following their petition to his office”. Ms Ntabazi said on telephone.
She claims that as a member of parliament she has the capacity to feed and transport whoever comes to meetings and sees no reason the hungry youths decided to attack the Bakonzo not her who invited them.
Mr. Muhindo claims that the MP’s actions have angered most of the people in the areas populated by the Bakonzo because she betrayed their votes by mobilizing for the attack on them.
He said at least 15000 signatures should be collected in two weeks time so that a petition is presented to the speaker of parliament calling for a vote of no confidence in the woman MP.
Other unconfirmed reports indicate that the Bakonzo are demanding for a district of Bughendera to separate them from the Bamba-Bawisi if the woman MP does not leave parliament.
Mr. Edward Mumbere the NRM chairman for Bundibugyo district told this blog that it is still in the romours that some people are collecting signatures calling for vote of no confidence in the woman member of parliament.  Ms. Ntabazi is vice chairperson NRM in the district.
“The NRM office has no stand on that matter now because it is still romour. I have heard of it but have not seen the forms myself. And if it is true the NRM office will not have a stake in it” said Mr. Mumbere.
Meanwhile, Ms Ntabazi has revealed to this blog that those collecting signatures are “day dreaming” because they have no way to remove her from parliament. Describing them as “pretenders”, the Woman MP said on telephone from Kampala on Monday night that there is no way she will leave parliament on vote of no confidence.
“You can write that nonsense they tell you because my enemies are pretenders just because they want to celebrate seeing me out of the house. I am confident there is no body to remove me from parliament because my voters are known. Those are enemies” Ms. Ntabazi said.

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