Wednesday, 11 July 2012


A few hours after the Bakonzo youth down the Busongora flag, the Member of Parliament for Busongora South Boaz Kafuda called for talks between the elders on both sides in order to prevent genocide in Kasese district.
The Rwenzururu youth yesterday raided the home of the Basongora cultural leader Rwigi IV Agutamba Kabumba Ivan Bwebale in Muhokya seizing the flag and the royal drum.
Speaking to this blog on phone from Kampala last evening, Kafuda said that it is now the role of the elders from both sides to hold talks before the district runs into tribal clashes.
This is the first time a plan for talks between the Basongora and Bakonzo is being heard of since the former installed their King on July 1.
The Rwenzururu Kingdom claim they have been handling the matter with central government after their cabinet declared Busongora Heritage Kingdom null and void.
Kafuda said that the Basongora wanted to revenge on the Bakonzo yesterday but he convinced them not to bather because violence is not the solution to the problem.
The MP urged the Basongora not to take to the roads and streets in revenge over the act of the Rwenzururu youth.
Kafuda who has come under attack by the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere for inciting confusion in his talks about the Busongora Kingdom said he was working with Kasese Municipality MP James Mbahimba in organizing for the dialogue.
The two legislators want to convene a meeting for all MPs hailing from Kasese to decide on who should mediate the two tribes and when the dialogues should be held.
But the Rwenzururu Kingdom spokesperson David Bradford Ngururu said the Basongora lost a point by not consulting with the existing cultural institution before going on to form theirs.
Asked about whether Basongora could hoist yet another flag at their claimed palace, Kafuda said it is not important because it would derail the planned talks.
The Busongora Kingdom spokesperson Jimmy Muzoora Kagoro insists that the flag and drum seized by the Bakonzo youths are replaceable materials adding that nothing can stop their kingdom.

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