Monday, 9 July 2012


The Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere has attributed the confusion in his Kingdom to some politicians who have been misleading the public and the president over matters affecting the Rwenzori region.
The Omusinga said this on Monday while addressing a meeting of over three Rwenzururu veterans (former freedom fighters) at his Buhikira Royal Palace in Kasese Municipality.
The veterans’ meeting is part of a series of briefings called by the Kingdom prime minister following the installation of the Busongora Heritage Kingdom on July 1st.
The Basongora crowned their King Rwigi IV Agutamba Kabumba Rutakirwa Ivan Bwebale amid opposition from Rwenzururu subjects. The Rwenzururu Kingdom has since declared the Busongora King’s installation as “illegal, null and void” claiming that there cannot be another cultural institution in their Kingdom.
Mumbere said that the Basongora look to have hatched a strategy to fail, disorganize and weaken his Kingdom adding that such a move is unacceptable.
The Omusinga said the establishment of the Basongora Kingdom is politically motivated.
The Rwenzururu veterans have since last week pronounced themselves on the issue of Busongora Kingdom saying they cannot accept another cultural institution on the land they liberated in cold blood.
The Chairman of the Rwenzururu Veterans Yolamu Mulima believes that the Basongora are having selfish motives of pushing the Bakonzo up hills so that they enjoy the resources on the lower land.
Among the resources allegedly targeted by the Basongora are the water bodies, the Katwe salt lake, the Queen Elizabeth national park and the potential oil and gas exploration on the lower lands.
Responding to the Veterans’ statements, the Omusinga also pointed out that with the help of some politicians, there are minority tribes that want to become stubborn over the issues of mineral resources.
On the issue of the Bamba clashing with the Bakonzo in Bundibugyo, said he had been informed that area woman MP Harriet Ntabazi and Bwamba county MP Kamanda Bataringaya are likely to be behind the conflict.
But when contacted Harriet Ntabazi denied any involvement in the Bamba-Bakonzo clashes adding that the conflict was started by politicians who feel they are more loyal to the King than others.ENDS

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