Saturday, 7 July 2012


Opposition councilors in Kasese district council will guide the community to a peaceful demonstration if the Resident District Commissioner Lt. Milton Odongo does not apologize in one week for failing to stop the Basongora from crowning their King.
The Basongora crowned their King Rwigi IV Agutamba Rutakirwa Kabumba Ivan Bwebale at his home in Muhokya despite advice from the RDC not to go on with the function. When contacted shortly after the coronation Lt. Odongo said that he had advised the Basongora to postpone their function for two months as he seeks guidance from the president.
“ I had a meeting with their prime minister Mr. Ntungwa on Saturday evening and agreed to postpone the function. I have no more comments to give because they defied my advice”. Lt. Odongo said.
In a letter dated July 5, addressed to the RDC of which this blog has obtained a copy, the leader of opposition in the district council Mr. Elly Magwara asked him to apologize for the confusion in the district after the installation of the Busongora King.
The letter reads in part “may we ask you to come up and apologize for the failure to perform your duty. Should you fail in a week’s time; the community will take action under our guidance”.
They accuse the RDC of failing to stand by his position to stop the coronation of the Basongora King less than 24 hours after his office pronounced itself that the function should not be held on July 1.
In their letter, the councilors say, the RDC was wrong to keep away as the function he already knew would cause problems went on.
The councilors view on the matter conquers with public talk that government should have had a hand in the Basongora cultural matters urging that there was not even an attempt to stop the one hour function.
“During our struggle for the recognition of the Rwenzururu Kingdom, police used to tear gas and halt any meeting in plan for that. But where was the tear gas at the time the Basongora installed their King that we had all opposed”. The councilors said.
When contacted, the RDC told Daily Monitor that he has no time to respond to the “FDC councilors because they are just about to confuse the population”. He said that “ I am only answerable to the president because he is the one who appointed me here but not these FDC men”. Lt. Odongo said.
The RDC also warned the media not to associate with the opposition politicians saying they utter statements aimed at inciting violence among the people.
He said he is drafting letters to the Bishops of the Catholic Diocese of Kasese and Anglican Diocese of South Rwenzori to express his concern over the way the two radio stations the churches own respectively in the district have been treating the situation.
He warned that his intelligence will keep monitoring the radio stations on matters concerning the Busongora Kingdom conflict.
But Mr. Elly Magwara told this reporter that the RDC will live to feel the heat of the opposition in the district if he does not apologize.
“We are ready to take action as per our letter and that is when he (Lt.Odongo) shall realize his mistakes” Mr. Magwara who did not describe what type of action said on Saturday night.
However, the RDC confirmed that he held a private meeting with Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere on issues concerning the Busongora Kingdom.

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