Thursday, 5 July 2012


All Private and government aided primary school s in Kasese
Municipality will this month sit joint Mock Examinations for the
Primary seven class as one way of checking the academic standards in
the urban center.
The resolution was reached yesterday during a meeting of the head teachers
of both private and government aided primary schools in the
Municipality that was held at Kasese Primary school.
Government Aided primary schools have always been trailing
counterparts the Private in the Primary leaving examinations for a
number of years.

Private schools in Kasese Municipality have been used to doing mock
and end of term examinations sourced from elsewhere depending on each
schools administration wishes where as those of the government have
initially been doing district exams.

The meeting chaired by Gad Mbayahi who heads the Kasese Municipality
Primary Head teachers Association has identified the National Primary
Teachers Forum based in Kampala to set the examinations.
The same board will set the exams for primary four to primary six
pupils who must sit joint exams before sitting independently set end
of term two examinations.
Primary seven candidates will pay three thousand five hundred
shillings while the lower classes pay one thousand shillings each
pupil for the facilitation of the joint examinations process.
The Municipal Education Officer Laurence Turiganya warned the head
teachers against staying away from classroom work adding that they are
contributing to the poor performance in national exams.
Turiganya asked head teachers in government schools to emulate the
supervision systems of classes by private schools management.
He warned head teachers and teachers in government aided schools to
stop reporting late to school because it hinders the morning lessons.

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  1. During my time in primary, that is in the 90s, we used to do District examinations every term, we did Joint mock exams all these were sent to schools from the district education department. Does this mean, this culture died, and they are trying to bring it back. At kagando primary school in kisinga sub-county, we used to out source mock examination sets done by other districts, this boosted our education standard. Why can't this measure be employed by this measure be re-employed.