Thursday, 5 July 2012


Eleven students at Katwe technical institute in Katwe-Kabatooro town
council in Kasese district have been suspended for allegedly
slaughtering and eating the school cat.
The deputy principal Mr. Venesio Kihokolho told this blog
that eating the school cat would not have led to their dismissal if
their action did not upset the rest of the students.
He said the accused killed the cat reared at the school to scare away
rats in the kitchen on Wednesday night and cooked it using the school
pans which caused chaos among other students.
The students were demanding new pans to be used in cooking their food
because they can no longer feed from those used to cook cat meat.
Kihokolho also said there were reports that the suspects wanted to
force some of their fellow students to eat the cat meat.
He said they will be home until further notice as the administration
looks into the matter.
The suspended students have been identified as Isaac Masereka, Boaz
Mwesigye, Benon Bwambale, Gilbert Kalayi and Regio Thembo.
Others are Michael Edmon, Robert Masereka, Richard Mumbere, Azalia
Bwambale and Ibrahim Kimera.
 It needed the intervention of police to calm down the students who
had gone on a strike demanding for a special meal saying their fellows
ate a cat because of a missing privilege.
The Deputy Principal revealed that after the intervention of police,
the school administration hired new source pans that were used to cook
meals for the entire students.
The school administration called police to come and cool the situation
and by press time this evening, police was still deployed at the
institute to ensure that order prevails.
According to the institute rules and regulations, it is prohibited and
punished by suspension for students to cook within the premises.

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