Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ant riot police of Tuesday morning got involved in running battles with rioters who were protesting the cordoning of the home of Mr. Christopher Kibanzanga, the chief campaign agent for Ms. Winfred Kiiza (FDC).

The Kasese woman MP by-elections are set for Wednesday August 6 and the race is tight between FDC’s Winfred Kiiza and NRM’s Rehema Muhindo.

Police raided Mr. Kibanzanga’s home by 4:00am on Tuesday but he refused to open for them hence prompting FDC supporters to assemble there.

Anti-riot police was called in at about 8:00 when the rioters started pelting stones and bricks in protest of the police action.

A source in the police who spoke on condition of anonymity said it is suspected there are FDC bouncers hiding in Mr. Kibanzanga’s house. This source said that police will not leave until Mr. Kibanzanga opens and a search is carried out.

Close to 50 FDC youth brigade members were netted from Rock Gardens Lodge 100meters from MR. Kibanzanga’s home. By press time they had been loaded on a police Lorry and driven towards Fort-Portal.

According to Mr. Amin Ader son to former President Idi Amin, FDC has brought 1200 youth brigade most of who from West Nile to guard Kiiza’s vote from being rigged.

Ten other people among the rioters were arrested at the scene as unconfirmed reports indicated that a police officer was injured by a bow in Nyakasanga a suburb of Kasese town.

There was tear gas everywhere in Kasese town as police tried to disperse the angry rioters. Business was paralyzed in Kizungu, Nyakasanga and Kigoro areas of Nyamwamba Division.

Police and the electoral commission had warned they would arrest all the people from outside Kasese who may temper with the election process.
FDC chiefs Gen.Mugisha Muntu, Alice Alaso were the only ones granted access to Mr. Kibanzanga’s compound.

Speaking to this reporter on Phone, Mr. Kibanzanga who is also the Rwenzururu Kingdom chief prince said his royal guards informed him of the police raid at 3:30am before they started knocking at 4:00am

Mr. Kibanzanga who claims he has 10 people including visitors, dependants and his children inside the house, said he could not open because the police officers failed to show either a search warrant or an arrest warrant.

“I have decided not to open for these guys because they did not show me any search or arrest warrant. I did not open because I thought they may be terrorists targeting me. Why did they attack me without even the presence of the chairman LC one?” Mr. Kibanzanga said on phone.

By press time, the Regional Police Commander western Mr. Wilson Kwanya and other police chiefs could not make any comment claiming that there is no action so far taken as for their mission.

The rioters were shouting “NRM fears that we (FDC) are going to win, that’s why they are attacking Kibanzanga. Winfred will win the race they like it or not”.


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