Monday, 5 November 2012


The elect Nandala team for the Forum for Democratic Change presidency wants the party’s delegates to choose the leader of Opposition ahead of other candidates so that he uses his parliamentary office to build the party.
Addressing Kasese district FDC national delegates at the Rwenzori the Gardens Hotel in Kasese town on Monday, Mr. William Nzoghu the Busongora North MP said the leader of opposition can easily run affairs of the party.
Mr. Nzoghu was among the Opposition MPs who had accompanied Mr. Nandala Mafabi to converse for votes from Kasese for the November 22, FDC presidential vote.
Two other candidates Maj.Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Mr. Geoffrey Ekanya have also been in Kasese campaign to replace retiring Dr. Kizza Besigye.
Mr. Nzoghu said that the NRM has managed to run its day to day activities because Secretary General Amama Mbabazi is using machinery and budget for his office as Prime Minister to run the party administration.
Mr. Nzoghu said that is the reason president Yoweri Museveni has always not listened to MPs calling for Mbabazi to relinquish the ruling party’s administration on the expense of being prime minister.
“Amama Mbabazi has been using resources of the Office of Prime Minister to do NRM administration that is why president Museveni has not listened to those calling for his resignation on one post. So, Hon. Nandala will also use his office to run FDC party because his budget is meant for activities across the country.” Mr. Nzoghu said.
Mr. Nzoghu who is also the shadow minister said Mr. Mafabi can also use the budget and machinery in the office of the leader of Opposition to run the day to day activities of FDC because he is free to use government cars to tour the whole country.
Mr. Nandala Mafabi told Kasese delegates that when elected into party leadership, he will mobilize and form grass root structures as a winning platform for state power in 2016.
Mr. Mafabi said that FDC top leaders have not been focusing on the grass root structures and polling station management the reason they have seen elections rigged by the NRM in most parts of the country.
He also attacked the FDC delegates for failing to condemn messages on their phones recently “purportedly” indicating that Mr. Nandala Mafabi has sent them each airtime worth 100000shs.
“People have been saying Nandala is bad during the campaigns but many of you sat quiet and did not come out to condemn the messages purportedly from me that I sent you airtime. This is also bad because I am an experienced leader who cannot bribe voters for a vote even when they have my sounding CV”. Mr. Mafabi said.
The leader of the Vote Nandala team Gen. Rubaramira Ruranga said asked delegates to task the rest of the candidates in the race to also avail documented Curriculum Vitae and manifestos for scrutiny before the ballots are cast on November 22.
The chairman of FDC in Kasese district Mr. Saulo Maate asked the contenders for the top job not to divide the party when the elections are concluded.

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