Saturday, 13 April 2013


Police has deployed heavily along the Kasese-Mbarara highway to block the Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere to go to Kasenyi landing site on Lake George to preside over the Kingdom’s environmental and hero’s day.
King Mumbere’s intended visit has been contested by the minority ethnicities that include the Basongora, Bachingwe, Bagabo and Banyabindi who claim they do not pay allegiance to Rwenzururu Kingdom.
They claim to be behind the embattled Busongora Kingdom leader Ivan Bwebale Rutakirwa who was crowned on July 1st last year at a secret event at Muhokya trading center five kilometers from Kasese town.
Despite, an agreement in a meeting between the two parties and the police on Thursday that changed King Mumbere’s venue from Kasenyi to Katunguru landing site, he and the youth wing have insisted on the original destination.
 The Rwenzori regional police Commander Mr. Wilson Kwanya has this morning issued a press statement vowing to block any cultural function to take place at Kasenyi landing site since the area is contested by many parties.
Police insists they will give security to King Mumbere and his subjects as they go to Katunguru landing site as agreed earlier.
However, the mood in Kasese town now is different from the setting of the police as groups of Banyarwenzururu prepare transport to Kasenyi despite warnings from the police.
Police on the other hand say they fear that any advances by the Banyarwenzururu to Kasenyi landing site may result into demonstrations by both the Bakonzo and the minority tribes leading to accidents, interruption of business activities and destruction of tourism since the venue is deep inside the Queen Elzabeth National park.
But majority of the Rwenzururu subjects seem to have taken heed of the press statement from the First Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ivan Syauswa urging them to come in big numbers accompanying King Mumbere to the disputed venue. END.

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