Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Medical workers at Bwera General Hospital in Mpondwe-Lubiriha town council have urged the government to meet the demands of the population by recruiting more staff to handle the burden.
The workers said this during an interface meeting between them and the Kasese district Leadership held in the Hospital Board room yesterday afternoon.
Zebia Bakengana a principal nursing officer said that the only government hospital in the district has only eighteen recognized nurses out of the needed one hundred nurses hence causing a burden at the facility.
They said the current community outcry about lack of timely service at the hospital should be blamed on the government that has not recruited enough staff, transferred without replacing nurses and failing to motivate the available labour.
The Chief Administrative Officer William Kanyesigye said the wage bill for the district has been low hence making it difficult for the recruitment of new staff to fill the gaps.
Kanyesigye said it is of late that Kasese district has written to the ministry of public service to be considered as a hard to reach and live area so that line allowances for workers are met.
Kasese district health staffing stands at twenty one percent and Mr. Kanyesigye said the understaffing problems affect all the health units.
The district chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo urged the medical workers not to invite politics into their affairs by discussing the sector’s problems in public places.
Mawa said that technical staff is implementing government programs so it’s their obligation to show the public a good image of the services being offered. END

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