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Exactly one week after the Opposition members of parliament from Kasese district demanded that reports concerning investigations into rampant murders in Kasese district be released, another person was shot dead at the weekend.
The MPs Ms. Winfred Kiiza (Woman MP) and Busongora North MP William Nzoghu told a press conference in Kasese town on September 21 that there is need for the members of the public to know the perpetrators of the several murders by shooting occurring in the district over years.
However, this was not treated with ease by the security organs that have launched investigations into Ms. Kiiza’s statement and a radio talk show on a local FM station as she demanded that government releases reports about the murders. A radio presenter has also recorded a statement at police over the same and recordings demanded for investigations.
But residents in the district are worried of their security after 26-year-old Julius Baghendayi a resident of Buhungamuyagha village in Ihandiro sub-county was shot dead by unknown gunmen who attacked his home on by 1:00 am on Saturday morning. The thugs according to police went away with unspecified sums of money from the coffee buyer and retailer.
This comes just a week after 17-year-old Sunday Muhindo a resident of the neighboring Karambi sub-county was shot dead by thugs who had come to attack his father a businessman at the Mpondwe border post whom they also injured in the leg.
The MPs want government to come out clearly and declare whether they failed with investigations or release the reports into the several murders that range from 1980s to date.
The legislators have compiled a list of over 20 people that have been murdered in the district since the 1980s but no report has been released and any perpetrator arrested.
According to the legislators, government has become reluctant in investigating murder cases but instead concentrate on issues concerning peaceful demonstrations and inciting violence when people
are being shot dead.
“Since the 1980s our people have been murdered and body in government bothers to take it as a priority to investigate so that the perpetrators are brought to book. Our people have lost hope in the
government even when the army is said to have been professionalized” Ms. Kiiza said.
According to the MPs’ list, 15 people have been murdered in the district from 2008 to date which they said is a serious concern that must be taken into account by the security leaders.
Ms. Kiiza said people have started wondering whether there are enemies of progress who are killing whoever tries to excel in any life skill.
She mentioned the murder of the first Mukonzo to attain a PHD the late Dr. Henry Bwambale who was killed in 1994.
Self-employed journalist and director of the Mupaghasha Community Television Center Mr.Amon Thembo was killed on his way home from work early this year and despite pressure from journalists and the Rwenzururu Kingdom, no report has been released.
The MPs also want government to follow up the death of former Busongora MP Amon Bazira who was killed in Nakuru in Kenya in the early 1990s.
Mr. William Nzoghu also told the press that they have decided to take up the task to ask government to release reports into the murders because they themselves have been receiving death threats.
Mr. Nzoghu said he and his opposition colleagues-Mr. Yokasi Bihande (Bukonzo East) and Ms. Winfred Kiiza (Kasese woman MP) have been threatened through phone calls and face to face.
The MPs said they wonder why Kasese district that boasts of the defense minister Dr. Crispus Kiyonga and other leaders who have served in the army can experience such a number of murder cases by shooting.
The chairman of the district security committee the RDC Lt. Milton Odongo and the Chairman LC 5 Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo are all army people and there are reports that the Chief  Administrative Officer Mr.
William Kanyesigye is also a soldier.
The office of the RDC has always called security meetings every time people complain about the murders but outcomes have always been police reports of recovering guns and ammunition.
 However, the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations at the Kasese Central Police Station Mr. Jovan Kasangaki said investigations into a number of murder cases in the district are ongoing.
Mr. Kasangaki said one suspect in the latest murder incident was arrested on Saturday with the help of the sniffer dog and will help in investigations. He however did not release particulars of the suspect.
On Saturday, it needed police intervention to stop angry residents of Buhungamuyagha who had raided the one of a man they suspect to have participated in the murder of their village mate following cassava flour that was poured on his compound. The widow has alleged that the assailants had smeared with cassava flour.

Kasese is the base of the 305 brigade with over five other barracks
spread across the district.
List of people suspected to have been murdered since 1980.
1980. Tom Baluku and Vito Muhindo
1988. Michael Kalyaki
1994. Dr. Henry Bwambale
1998. Boniface Mbalibula
2000. Swizin Muhesi and Piyo
2001. Moses Ngulhube
2008. Gideon Mwaka
2010. Lameki Mupasula and Godwin Bwambale
2011. Stephen Kule and Kalyabolho
2012. Sele Makariyo, Isaya Kirilhuhandi, Capacity Masereka, Hannington
Senzelya, Amon Thembo (Journalist), Muthengera, Sunday Muhindo (killed
last week).
Others whose relatives have forgotten the year they were murdered are;
Samson Sahambili and Ivan Baluku.

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