Friday, 5 October 2012


About thirty five heads of cattle have been cut in yet a fight that erupted Thursday night between pastoralists and cattle keepers in Kabukero village in Karusandara sub-county Kasese district.
The fight was caused by the death of a 17 year old boy who is alleged to have been murdered by pastoralists in the area after they found him cutting pieces of trees in their grazing land.
Brian Mumbere son of Johnson Byabusa is said to have gone in the grazing land to look for pieces of trees to build his own house.
The Bakonzo cultivators then raided the homes of the pastoralists in retaliation over the boy’s death.
Yesterday the district veteran officer Dr. Godfrey Kalule went to the area to ascertain the extend at which the cattle was cut.
He said that out of the thirty five heads of cattle he managed to come across twenty eight would survive after treatment, one had died and six were recommended for slaughter because they could not heal.
One of the pastoralists who identified himself only as Muharabu said that he had handed over four tails of cattle to police which had since disappeared.
He said that about eight others in addition to those whose tails were cut are still missing and he believed they may have been stolen by cultivators who attacked them yesterday evening.
It’s alleged that more than fifty Bakonzo cultivators attacked the grazing area cutting the cattle they found there after they realized that their colleague had been killed.
One of the survivors of the attack John Tunomujuni said that the attack happened at about 6.00pm.
He said a house belonging to Kagoro Mutawasi was also destroyed after the deceased body was found near his house.
Both cultivators and cattle keepers have claimed ownership of Kabukero grazing land.
Early this year farmers woke up one morning and found all their crops planted in the area had been uprooted

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