Tuesday, 16 October 2012


President Yoweri Museveni has cleared Maj. Martin Kamya to resign from the army and be crowned as cultural leader of the Bamba in Bundibugyo District.
Mr Museveni last week met members of the Obudhingya Bwa Bwamba (OBB) cultural institution and Bundibugyo Elders Development Association (BEDA) at State House, Entebbe.
Mr Swizen Kyomuhendo, the spokesperson of OBB said on Monday that President Museveni told members that he has no objection to Maj. Kamya being installed as the Bamba cultural leader.
Mr Tamale Mirundi, the President’s press secretary confirmed the meeting between his boss and members of OBB members. He however, did not divulge what was discussed in the meeting.
In August, during a council of BEDA, Maj. Kamya was elected as the cultural leader of the Bamba. Maj. Kamya is the eldest son of the late Jeremiah Kawamara, one of the founders of the Rwenzururu movement.
BEDA then wrote to President Museveni and the leadership of UPDF, requesting them to allow Maj. Kamya resign from the army in order to serve his subjects. Mr Kyomuhenda said Mr Museveni assured the meeting that Maj. Kamya would be cleared to quit the army once the Bamba are ready to crown him king.
According to Mr Kyomuhendo, the cultural institution has embarked on drafting the constitution of the cultural institution, composing the anthem and developing an emblem, which symbols have to be ready before Maj. Kamya’s coronation in February next year.
Rwenzururu Kingdom spokesperson, Mr Patrick Nyamuhungu said that the Bamba are free to elect a cultural leader as long as he does not impose the institution on the Bakonzo, who live in Bundibugyo.


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