Friday, 12 July 2013


The Congolese army has retaken over Kamango town that was captured by the Allied Democratic Forces rebels on Thursday morning, leaving thousands to flee to Uganda.
The ADF rebels said to be regrouping with an intend to re-attack Uganda, bombarded the DRC government forces in a town about 17km from the Busunga border post at the Ugandan border in Bundibugyo district.
The UPDF spokesperson for the Rwenzori sub-region Lt. Ninsiima Rwemizuma this morning confirmed the development saying the Congolese army attacked the rebels on Friday night and chased them out of the town.
He however, says the town is not yet declared safe since it is not clear whether the rebels will re-launch the attack any time.
Lt. Ninsiima however said the refugees are still reluctant to go back home until the town will be declared free from the rebel control.
By the end of the Friday, according to Lt. Ninsiima, the number of refugees already registered had raised beyond thirty thousand.
The UPDF however continues to tighten security and vigilance around the border to make sure there is no eventuality for the ADF rebels said to be regrouping inside the DRC to cross the borders.
Meanwhile, charity organizations arrived on Friday to give out humanitarian support to the refugees who are camped at Bubandi primary school and other places. Among those that have already touched base include Save the Children International, World Vision and World Food Program.
 They are helping the providing of shelter, health assistance and food aid.
The Bundibugyo woman MP Ms. Harriet Ntabazi on Friday told the press that epidemics are expected to break out at Bubandi primary school camp because there is only one toilet which cannot accommodate the thousands of refugees. END

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