Sunday, 30 June 2013


Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere on Sunday morning succumbed to government pressure and called off the intended travel to Bundibugyo district from which he had been restrict with heavy police deployment.
By Sunday morning, police was still deployed heavily around Mumbere palace in Kasese town as subjects spent the night drumming and dancing amidst reports that he would force his way out of the palace again to try to head to Bundibugyo for the peace day that is celebrated every June 30.
Acting Prime Minister Mr. Ivan Syauswa told a press conference in the palace that the King has postponed his travel to Bundibugyo district as advised by the government for security purposes. The king’s postponement does not mean he has taken heed of the cultural pressure the Bamba/Bawisi are putting on the Rwenzururu Kingdom, Mr. Syauswa said.
He said that the celebrations to make the peace days are ongoing in many places of around the Kingdom but what has been postponed in the King’s travel and the ceremonial performances at the would be venue for the event.
He urged all the Banyarwenzururu to keep peace as celebrations go on in their homes and villages.
He said that no another date will be set this year for the postponed function because people have already celebrated from their places, adding that this is an annual event and the Kingdom will wait for next year.
There were overnight celebrations at Kasulenge Hill in Bundibugyo district as the Rwenzururu flag was hoisted at midnight to commemorate the day when the Bakonzo and Bamba declared their independence from Tooro kingdom which they had accused of subjugation.
The Acting Premier said that hundreds of Banyarwenzururu were celebrating throughout the whole of Sunday despite having no chance to host their King.
In the palace, only the Kingdom flag was flying an indication that they were also celebrating the day.
On receving the news of the postponement of Mumbere’s travel plans, the Deputy Police spokesperson Mr. Patrick Onyango said everyone in the force is happy because there is no any bloodshed expected to happen since he has cooperated.
Asked about the continued deployment in the two districts, Mr. Onyango said “of course we have to keep around to monitor how the people are going to react to the King’s decision not to travel.”.
Mr. Onyango said that there is intelligence reports that a group of Bakonzo wants to kidnap the King and hide him in unknown place in order to put the government at task to explain his whereabouts.
He said the security will keep monitoring the King’s palace until sanity is ensured.
However, police tracks and officers were still deployed in the Kasese town center throughout Sunday afternoon.

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