Thursday, 13 June 2013


Media practitioners in Uganda have been urged to stick to the truth in doing their work if they are to enjoy their freedom.
The call was made this morning by an American media expert Joyce Barett while training a group of twenty journalists from Kasese district at the Spring International Hotel.
The three day training on human rights and the new media is being organized by the Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) and supported by the US embassy in Uganda.
Barett said that most of the governments in the world have not given the media all the freedom but the journalists save themselves through writing accurate and true stories.
The national coordinator of UMDF Mathias Mulumba Mayombwe said that the training is aimed at equipping journalists with skills to use online tools like Face book, Twitter and blogging to write multimedia stories that can be read all over the world.
Mulumba said that modern journalism is now based on the vast knowledge the journalists have to reach different audiences that cannot view television, read newspapers and listen to radios but are able to follow online platforms.
He said that UMDF targeted Kasese district because of the vast natural resources that need to be written about for the rest of the world to know.
The participants are drawn from radio, newspaper and film journalists in Kasese town. END

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