Thursday, 27 June 2013


The United Nations Organizations Stabilization Mission in DRC (MUNOSCO) has embarked on soliciting messages from Ugandan leaders, former combatants and relatives to convince the remaining Allied Democratic Forces fights to denounce armed rebellion.
After their defeat in early 2000s, the ADF rebels that devastated most parts of the Rwenzori region went into hiding in the jungles of North Kivu province in the DRC.
Military sources have continuously reported that the ADF rebels are regrouping in Congo, recruiting more to their forces with intentions to re-attack Uganda.
A military officer from the Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation, Reintegration and Resettlement section of the MUNOSCO Capt. Majura Magende and amnesty commission officials have been traversing Kasese and Bundibugyo district to record peace messages to be broadcast on UN’s radio Motto in Beni aimed at convincing the rebel combatants to seek amnesty.
Speaking in Kasese while soliciting peace messages from leaders, Capt. Majeme revealed that ADF rebels still have camps across the jungles in the North Kivu but have completely refused to engage in physical contacts with MUNOSCO and amnesty commission.
According to Capt. Majeme, the ADF rebels are being offered the last chance to take advantage of the amnesty because an UN intervention brigade is already in DRC with instructions to hunt down all the negative forces that have failed to talk peace.
An officer from the Amnesty Commission office in Kasese Ms. Irene Tumusiime says that the ADF rebels most of whom are Ugandans still have a chance to denounce rebellion because the UN force that is yet to be deployed “is not a soft cake”.
Ms. Tumusiime says that some reporters (amnesty seekers) were received from the ADF ranks in 2009 and 2010 but since them, there have been no other significant returnees.
Early this year, a family of ten was relocated to the ancestral home in Kamasasa village, Karambi sub-county in Kasese after returning from the bush where five of the eight children most of whom girls were born. END

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