Friday, 22 June 2012


As the push for the split of Kasese district into three heats up, some analysts have called for a calm down on the agenda.
The analysts are saying, splitting the district into three administrative Units is a wastage of time instead of improving on the service delivery.
On October 26, 2010 the district council anonymously resolved to split the district to pave way for Rwenzori and Bwera districts.

Those who spoke to us believe that splitting the district may not solve the problems of poor service delivery in Kasese.

The youth are saying government should instead revamp the mining activities in Kilembe, build the long awaited Kasese International Airport, rehabilitate the Katwe salt factory among others as sources of thousands of jobs.

" splitting the district is creating more corruption centers. we want improved service delivery that benefits everyone but not administrative units that benefits on the politicians and the elite" said one youth who preferred anonymity.

On Thursday, less than 100 people agitating for the split of the district demonstrated along the streets of Kasese Municipality calling on government to take a quick decision before the August 8th Woman MP by-elections.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Security in the Rwenzururu Kingdon Mr. Sulait Kule has warned the agitators for the splitting of the district not to bring in issues of tribalism.

Kule warned that whoever brings tribalism into the process of agitating for the split of the district should stand to be held responsible for any consequences that may follow.


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