Friday, 22 June 2012


The Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma has asked his subjects both agitating for the split of Kasese district and those opposing to reconcile their ideas before the Kingdom gets involved in the matter.
Addressing a delegation from Busongora Country that agitates for the split of the district who called on him in the Buhikira Royal palace this afternoon, the Omusinga said the central government has always heard two contradicting versions concerning the idea.
Yesterday, the agitators for the split of the district into three-Kasese, Rwenzori and Bwera held a peaceful demonstration asking for a quick action by the central government to take action in their favour.
 The Omusinga in his speech advised that more research on the major points being risen by the two sides be contacted before a final decision is taken by the ministry of local government on what to present to Cabinet.
The Omusinga re-affirmed his earlier position that his office cannot block the split of the district if a clear position is taken by the entire population.
 The Omusinga said he recently met with the Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesigye concerning the matter and told him that government should handle the split of Kasese to handle it the way they handled the Recognition of the Rwenzururu Kingdom.
The Acting Prime Minister of the Rwenzururu Kingdom Loice Biira Bwambale said that her cabinet will also look into the action points that are centered on research.
The leader of the Delegation Aminadabu Muhindo who is also the Deputy RDC Kasese asked the Omusinga to allow another meeting to express further their views.
The agitator’s delegation included Yohazi Muhindi, Kikusa Mustafa, Jackson Mbabu, Rauben Mwahulwa and Prince Robert the Omusinga’s son-in-Law.


  1. Well keep posting am following the thread.. I think the Omusinga is right they have to balance both sides before before any action is done... And if Aminadabi is asking for another meeting to express their views well and good it will also help in decision making.

    well done

    Viola plus mine

  2. People should know that human wants and endless. Besides, if the government has failed to meet the needs of the wider kasese, what about after splitting it, what will happen. Those calling for the split, at the end of the day, shall also ask for the further split of the small district they shall have attained.
    For the Kingdom, the king should know that, the reasons why Tooro has lost popularity is the creation of Kamwenge and Kyenjonjo districts. SO the split shall have effect on his kingdom specially that its still in the crawling stage.