Saturday, 1 December 2012


Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere on Friday took off some time to take trainees on a three week cadre course through militaristic drills and lectures at the Kisinga playground in Kasese district.
Close to 900 hundred youths that include both students and staff at Kisinga Vocational Secondary school in Kasese district have been undergoing a cadre course that is dubbed as patriotic training that ends on Monday.
King Mumbere who has a military background having been commander in chief of the Rwenzururu Movement struggle from mid 1960s to early 80s was invited by the Resident District Commissioner Milton Odongo to participate in the training of youths undergoing a three week cadre
However, he did not appear in any military attire as he commanded the trainees through a few minutes’ drills.
Mumbere urged the trainees to be brave and guard the country jealously although they are not being penciled into the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces adding that it is a role of any patriotic Ugandan to guard the constitution.
 He advised the youths not to use the military tactics attained at the Chaka Mchaka to cause trouble for the innocent Ugandans but rather work hard to help the security agencies identify those holding illegal fire arms that have been used to terrorize most parts of Kasese of late.
This year alone, about five people including a journalist Amon Thembo have been victims of gun shots in night robberies especially in Bukonzo West constituency.
“You are not undertaking military tactics and secrets to terrorize the people but to help them remain peaceful. My appeal to you is that do not think you are now trained to attack people other than helping identify the wrong elements holding illegal fire arms that have been killing our people”. Mumbere said.
Responding to a claim by the area LC III Chairman Mr. Chance Kahindo that most of the Bakonzo are being affected by the current insurgency in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, King Mumbere said that a soldier needs to be brave if they are to defend their territories.
He said that militarily, Congolese soldiers are not brave to the extent that at times they abandon the people they are supposed to defend and run away.
In July, about 700 Congolese soldiers fled the battle field in their country at the advances of the M23 rebels and sought refuge in Uganda. They were transferred from Kisoro to Kasese district before being handed back to their country a week later.
“I soldier who swore to defend the territory of his country must not look a coward because the people you defend will have nothing to do if you are the first to run away. The Congolese soldiers must stand strong and brave to defeat the militia groups there”. King Mumbere said.
He warned the soldiers against using their military power by terrorizing civilians through rape and other forms of evil that are punishable by the court marshal.
The Kasese RDC Mr. Milton Odongo said that the aim of training the youth in a cadre course is to strengthen patriotism in a district that has seen waves of conflicts in the past.
On Saturday, the district Chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo was the chief instructor at the Chaka Mchaka where he urged the trainees to be vigilant throughout their lives adding that the country needs more courageous people to cause stability.

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