Tuesday, 4 December 2012


A three-old boy in Bukangama village, Kyanzuki parish in Kilembe sub-county in Kasese district died last night after eating poisonous cassava.
Reports from the area indicate that two other children survived death after being treated with local herbs that made them vomit the food they ate.
Their father Julius Kabuthi Muhindo was also affected after eating the food the children had cooked when their mother Rosa Masika was away.
The immediate neighbor Siriro Muhindo says that the children uprooted the cassava species commonly known as Kalinga that is not supposed to be eaten in food form commonly known as Katogo.
Kalinga is a cassava species that is only edible as mingled tapioca after being dried up and grinded into cassava flour.
Muhindo said that the boy passed away at about 4.00 am after the trio and their father developed severe stomachache that led to diarrhea and vomiting.
Muhindo said that Geoffrey Thembo who is being buried today was the second last born of Mr. Kabuthi and wife Masika.
Muhindo reveals that the oldest of the children an eight-year-old girl was in charge of cooking the fateful meal.
The father who is a welder working in Kasese town describes this as an accident because nobody knew that the children could have cooked the poisonous cassava.
The same cassava tubers kill livestock if any animal eat them and residents say if fermented in the river, the aquatic lives also die.
Most of the areas of Kasese have the Kalinga species as the main cassava plant after the other species were eliminated by cassava mosaic a disease that hit the district a decade ago.
The farmers are appealing to the government and other plays in the fight against hunger to find other cassava species that cannot be dangerous to mankind. END

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